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Hello Property Owner.


If you have been considering making a change and are in the market for the best property management service in the area then read on.

Southern Homes Realty has been serving this area since 1975. We've maintain an inventory of less than 100 rentals for most of that time because selling Real Estate was are main business. We're still selling Real Estate as a Century 21 Firm, but because of the sluggish market we decided to grow a separate property management company. We now have nearly 300 properties and intend on having 500 by 2012.

Why do we consider ourselves the best? Without going in to all the normal services a good property management company provides let me explain what we provide that other companies don't.

  • Schedule Inspections. To insure tenant compliances and maintenance requirements are being fulfilled and that your property is not being degraded.
  • Legal Representation. A full time staff attorney prepares leases, performs evictions and assists with all aspects of the Landlord Tenant Act.
  • Rental Market analysis. To insure that you are netting the maximum revenue for your investment.
  • The most modem technical systems. Providing the latest in administrated, accounting and record keeping to make sure your books are in order and your bills are being paid on time.
  • A Maintenance Department. To see that maintenance and repair items are scheduled, administered, overseen at an efficient price, and to inconvenience you as little as possible in the decision making process.

If you want to review all these programs and systems that we have in place you're welcome to visit our website or better yet email or call us to set up a convenient time when we can sit down and discuss business together. Price wise we are very competitive and negotiable. If you prefer to call, ask for Property Management.

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  • Southern Homes Realty Phone #'s are  850-968-3553 or 1-800-277- 4789

Looking forward to making this rental business an asset to you and not a headache.



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